Monday, August 31, 2009

Darrinee Horton - A taster of things to come...

Darrinee ("D" to her friends) has had a fascination with all things crafty since she was young. It all started when she was making pom poms with her mum when she was about 8. But it wasn't until she got into Girl Guides and spent a week with her grandmother learning how to knit and sew that she begun to get more and more into her crafting.

She draws her inspiration in the infamous Tim Burton movies such as Beetlejuice (she even named her kitten after that movie!)

Take a look at some of her creations...

To quote Darrinee herself:
"I want to make every day halloween!"

Come and see Darrinee and many others at the first "Love Handmade" Craft Market on Saturday 14th November at the Rose Centre, 9am to 12pm

Rhiannon & Alana

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