Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feb market has been postponed....

Hi everyone!

I'm afraid we have a sad announcement to make - the Love Handmade Feburary Market will be postponed. Both of us have had some unexpected major changes happen in our lives recently, which means we are unable to afford (at the moment) to give the market what it needs.

After reviewing feedback from our wonderful sellers so far, we have decided to look into another venue also. This break will give us the time we need in order to look into this further.

We are also looking into getting the Love Handmade "look" developed further to give it a more fresh and professional look.

This will not be the end of us and we are not going to dissapear!
Instead we are going to focus our time not only on developing and improving our market, but also supporting artists & crafters, featuring blogs, upcoming events and developing and expanding our newsletter.
So keep an eye on our blog and our facebook page and twitter for exciting updates in the arty and craft world, and make sure you sign up to our newsletter. It's going to be a goodie!!

Rhiannon & Alana

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